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A Clean Sweep!

Welcome to Threaded Hive Interiors and Antiques! Here, I will introduce you to my love of all things old, beat up, patina-y with a touch of fabric-y.

Interiors have always been my happy place since I was little. Being a twin, when we were young, my sis wanted to be an architect, and I an interior designer, and we would play and design all kinds of houses, buildings and towns. Low and behold, she got a degree in architecture (and is a rockstar one at that!), and although I got an undergraduate and graduate degree in the medical field, I always piddled with wall colors, fabrics, repositioning furniture and the most obsessive thing of all...antiques.

Our mama loved antiques and drug us into stores for as long as we can remember. Do you ever have one of those days where you are sad or mad at the world and need that calming influence to make your brain happy again? Antiques are my go to. Whether hunting in stores or online, I can delve into my creative side of imagining specific historic oddities being placed in a certain corner of a house or on a shelf displayed in a vignette. This is where my collections began. By the way, did you know what makes up a collection? Three things. Yes, only three, and I have too many of them (according to hubs).

As for the above pictures, I thought I would show you one of my collections. I think I have exceeded the three, ya think? Can you spot another collection??

And sewing. Ah, I don't know what makes me happier...antiques or fabric. Do you remember your 7th grade Home Ec. class? You know, the one where you are sitting next to cute guys and everyone has to learn to cook and sew? Love at first sight for this chickadee! The sewing part, that is. We had to make sweat pants and mine were bubblegum pink. Boy! They were too short on me and sewn with jagged stitches, but I was hooked!

Thanks for checking out my blog. Stop by again for tips on decorating, draperies, staging, antiques and just quirky things about my life. Until then, keep your hive threaded...


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